Foggy Gentlemen

by Gnarwhalz

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Thanks for letting us have so much fun

Party on, Ladies and Gentlemen.


released March 17, 2014

Gnarwhalz are:
Peter Sarty
Erik Nyhuus
Chesel Alexander
Campbell Woods
Gunnar Byers

feat. Harley Alexander on saucy vocals and rippin' guitarz

Recorded / Broduced by Harley Alexander, at Echo Chamber and the Robie Basement.

Album art by the lovely Adam Gravelle, photo-cred-shout-outs to Jeff Miller

Mastered by J. Lapointe at Archive Mastering.




all rights reserved


Gnarwhalz Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax-based five-man bro-rockband <3

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Track Name: Beast Coast
Amongst no strangers here, the house on Jubilee
You’ll meet some foggy folk, some gentlemen and me
But by the end if we’re not friends you’ll surely see
The sweetness found in our fine company

And bros with baseball caps and aviators on
Will flip their collars down and join us in a song
The bros with cut-up cords will join them arm in arm
While belting out the words they know they’re wrong

To show the world their weekend’s bliss
The girls will take their instant pics
But here the Internet won’t matter
While staying up all night together
The Beast Coast is the place for me!

With every bottle opened there’s adventure being born
But someone’s in our backyard and their puking up a storm
The room is sweating hot
Your manliness seems lost
So sissy drinks go in the sink tonight we’re drinking scotch!

The rumours on the dance floor say the Purple House is dead
But everyone’s still flocking to the party here instead
Whilst upstairs strangers bone
And downstairs folks get stoned
And in between we’re dancing to the college radio

Who’s ever heard of noise complaints? Who’s ever heard of pain?
Fury from a broken blender doesn’t match the fame
From hosting grateful guests
We’re never gonna rest
Until I’ve loved you all enough to know who I detest

The cocaine on the table paints a picture of dismay
The motto goes, “to each their own”, but cops on their way
Like rabid dogs at pounds
The house will be put down
So open up your wallets, at the bar we need some rounds!

We tried our best to go on like this
You’d lost your faith and I, I lost my taste in trying hard
I’m running barefoot through the yard

But thinking back to that bar I called home
I miss the beaches on that coast, that Eastern coast I used to roam
And walked them all night on my own

We sat upon a throne I thought we ruled
And made up laws that don’t exist
Down at the Beast Coast I was a fool
Some wielder of unsharpened tools

The days were mild but those nights were bold
So many homes in strangers’ cold backyards, we weren’t afraid
Of living carefree on the stage

But I was afraid of braking knowing I’ve no brakes!
Track Name: Heading East
Heading East, going to sleep
Tired eyes, I can’t read
No bed and no rest
Sore feet, is all that’s left
No more walks, let’s just talk
On the empty block
Heading East, going to reach
My friends, we won’t sleep

No more runs, lay in the sun
Listen to ‘Twon, some silly drunk fun
Back with the ‘Whalz, friends and all
Remember the waterfall
Hands less coarse, a funny sort
Strong and kind, a little sea horse
My belly’s full of ice and my soul
Is taught by, who’s better than a sheep or bull?

Now we can go, we don’t walk in a row
We throw off our boots, so we can act like fools
Learn to love, taught by a chinchilla
Play don’t scorn, a wise unicorn
Track Name: Dieter
The king of poetry the champion of love
Spraying mantis slayer but as playful as a dove
A dove tripping on ecstasy; a strong hallucinant
Chasing after girls whose occupation is heartbreak

The times he spends alone in clubs in Hull or Montreal
Hoping pretty strangers will approach him at the bar
Exchanging home phone numbers for a smile and a wink
He then asks the bartender for another round of drinks
But rushes to the bathroom to go vomit in the sink
He spends his nights alone in there without a soul I think

A Rolodex of badly thought out series of excuses
He flips through them every night wondering which one fits his uses
We doubt he’ll even come back home
To the city where he knows he belongs

But for now we’ll keep in contact while his friends are staying coastal
While he’s out making music boasting talent, oh so local
He doesn’t even like their songs
And I know he’s craving ripping some bong

They’re oftentimes heard calling him a jester and a thief
But he’s the king of joking and a robber of our grief
A dangerous combination when you host radio shows
Interviewing artists whose songs don’t compare to yours
And featuring those shitty lyrics you’d never compose
We wait for you with patience ‘til you musically explode

We love the man to death you see in his own special way
His company is precious and we hope today’s the day
Where we’ll see his handsome face again walk through my basement door
And maybe play some songs with us just like the times before!

A Rolodex of badly thought out series of excuses
He threw it out late last night since it’s just another nuisance
‘Cause tonight Dieter’s coming home
To the city where he knows he belongs

He’s packed up all his bags to join his friends who all live coastal
He’s learning shanty sea songs so he’ll fit in with the locals
“Barrett’s Privateers” all night long
The one and only Black Sheep Son
We miss the man all day, all night long

He doesn’t even like this song!
And I know he’s craving ripping some bong!

Black Sheep Son, this is your home
It’s no Montreal, nor back in Stowe
But it’s with your friends, wherever we go
Be it Halifax, or Peterborough
Track Name: Pleasantly Surprised
I can stand
Looking handsome tall and brave
Suited up and not afraid
To drink tons and make mistakes
When I stumble on inside
I was pleasantly surprised
By your soft and now closed eyes
You’re asleep by my bedside
You know I would never lie
About these parties when I’m out with these guys

Still – Don’t you think it’s a little bit absurd?
I’m on tables, vision blurred
Dancing to a song I heard
That unsubtly implies
We should all take drugs then die
I’m sure pleasantly surprised
We’re alive after these nights
But the hangover arrives
And we’re forced to pay the price
From these social nights with strangers!
My life here is in danger!
I wish you’d whisk me away
From this fortune and this fame and these guys

Don’t you worry about the summer
I’ll take small steps, town by town
Singing songs so mild and tender
No more bartenders
Tables stained by pitchers
Or clothes piled in the dresser
I won’t leave you behind!

Here I stand looking handsome tall and brave
One last chance to prove my ways!
These wolves howl when the full moon rises
It pleasantly surprises
Your prey puts on disguises
You’re buried in devices
To tranquilize your pain!

I think this was in my dream
Except I’m not this asleep
And the girls are fully clothed
Except not for long let’s hope

I think you were in my dream
Salmon fishing by the sea
Except now you’re wearing clothes
In my dream you said you don’t

I heard I was in your dream!
Sailing sailboats on the sea
Surfing on the waves on boats
You’re just dreaming I suppose

I was pleasantly surprised
To wake up and see those eyes
Not too sure if we’re at home
You’re not dreaming we’re alone
Track Name: Spider Monkey
Didn’t know this was the way it went before
Didn’t go just played games and ignored
The way she looked and her stance on the floor
I glanced but now she’s out the door

I think you guessed right
Haven’t seen my friends for a couple nights
So this is what I write:
Some shitty lyrics

She was so pretty
And I just wanted a kiss on her lips
But she slipped right through me

She was so hot
And I just wanted to love her lips
But she walked right past me

I think you guessed right
Haven’t seem my friends for a couple nights
So this is what I write:
Some shitty lyrics
Track Name: Mrs. Beauville
We've been friends for a long time
But I look at you now and I wish that you were mine
The dress that you wore is now lying on the floor
And we can't go back

You look so good with your clothes off
You look so good with no clothes on
Please don't you say that we are lost
We're not lost
I've just come across our love
And it’s sweet, and it’s bitter and it’s true
I do love you

I saw you as a child you took my breath away
No more than 6 years old, I did not know what to say
Now we're full grown and we're living on our own
You'll never be alone

You look so good with your clothes off
You look so good with no clothes on
Please don't you say that we are lost
We're not lost
I’ve just come across our love
And it’s sweet, and it’s bitter and it’s true
I do love you

You look so good with your clothes off
You look so good with no clothes on
Please don't you say that we are lost
We're not lost
I’ve just come across our love
And it’s sweet, and it’s bitter and it’s true
I do love you

I saw you in a light I had never seen before
Just like a shining knight from the golden days of yore
You say it was the booze but I know just what you feel
He keeps you safe and warm but we both know it’s not real!

You look so good with your clothes off!
You look so good with no clothes on!
Please don't you say that we are lost!
We’re not lost
Track Name: Years Young
Bring up some college kids
With beers enough to fill the kitchen fridge
I don't care how much it is
This one's on me

Hire up a four-piece band
From a far off foreign land
Hey kid, ain't this grand?
Let's have a ball

And drink them all!
And drink them all!
And drink them all!

Make me feel like a younger man
More worthy of your beach girl tan
Well it seems I'm too drunk to stand
Let's lie down for a while

I just need to be set free
Keg stand! Who will challenge me?
By now it should be plain to see
I'm still lot of fun

And just sixty years young!
And just sixty years young!
And just sixty years young!

But then the mariachi band
Started getting out of hand
With some girls who were much too young!

And the kids were all dismayed
At the scene the man made
When he was told to put away his gun!
'Cause that's not much fun!

Bring up some college kids!
Will someone tell me whose house this is?
I don't want to know what I did!
Just let me be!

Oh I know I’ve gotta go away!
Feed my dog for me every day!
I know that there's a time to play
And a time to run!

And just sixty years young!
And just sixty years young!!
And just sixty years young!!!